Baby won't sleep?
Award winning DVD can help.

Sleep issues are a concern for all new parents. Sleep Like A Baby not only provides baby sleep tips and also helps you deal with emotional issues, including safety concerns. Learn about baby sleep training, room sharing and baby co-sleeping. Formulate the plan that is best for your family.

"Informative, entertaining and practical. Expectant parents will know what lies ahead. Sleep deprived new parents can rest assured: help is available!"
Review, Parents' Choice Foundation

"Outstanding! By objectively covering both the sleep training method and different co-sleeping strategies, this program provides essential information for new and expectant parents."
Dr. Lester Luz, Pediatrician, San Francisco, CA

"Sleep Like A Baby" is a wonderful departure from the rest of the quick fix baby-sleep aids. It offers a variety of choices without playing favorites and without casting judgment. It should be on the viewing list of every new parent."
Bruce Kluger, Columnist, USA Today

How to get your baby to sleep through the night.

While problems with your child's sleep can seem daunting, developing a successful sleep strategy will turn an ongoing struggle into a positive, nurturing experience for both parent and baby.

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